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German debtors - how to get the money?

state: 22.1.2024, reading time approx. 3 min

Bild zum BeitragIn Germany, law-suits are more effective and more common than in other countries. They should be done by a German lawyer, because otherwise you run into the risk of having to reimburse the opponent’s lawyer-fees. For claims of 5.000 € or more you need a „Rechtsanwalt”, for claims below you want one.

General Terms in German law

state: 22.1.2024, reading time approx. 2 min

Bild zum BeitragTransparent and fair General Terms are crucial for consumers, while businesses must apply them consistently to all customers to avoid legal issues. Due to potential legal complexities, smaller foreign businesses dealing with German consumers may focus on other consumer protection rules rather than on their General Terms.

founding a company in Germany

state: 22.1.2024, reading time approx. 2 min

Bild zum BeitragTo establish a company in Germany, choose a legal form like GmbH or UG based on business size. Adhere to legal requirements by registering with the local tax office and considering VAT. Navigate German employment laws for team building. When launching a website, be aware of stringent European consumer protection regulations.

Lawyer fees in Germany

state: 16.1.2024, reading time approx. 2 min

Bild zum BeitragThe fees for German lawyers are regulated by a special law, but for international clients, simplified pricing is offered. It can be calculated in two ways: by my work or by your risk. In both cases they are a certain percentage of the claim with some side-rules. Regardless of the chosen model, there are additional risks such as reimbursing opponent’s lawyer fees and pre-paying court fees.

The cease-and-desist-letter

state: 16.1.2024, reading time approx. 2 min

Bild zum BeitragIn Germany, competition law warnings are crucial for addressing fair competition violations. They involve a formal cease-and-desist letter, demanding corrective action within a specified timeframe. Businesses must understand and navigate these intricacies to prevent and promptly address such warnings that ca be very costly.

The right to withdraw in Germany

state: 10.1.2024, reading time approx. 1 min

Bild zum BeitragIn the European Union, consumers can cancel online contracts within 14 days, ensuring protection from unintended financial burdens. Entrepreneurs face logistical challenges in complying with the statutory right of withdrawal, necessitating adjustments to their business practices and websites for online deals with German consumers.