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Störung Telefonie 13.6.2024

Nach einem Providerwechsel gehen die Telefonnummern derzeit nicht. Bitte schicken Sie eine E-Mail an info@ra-tm.de, ich rufe zurück.
My telephone line is out of order at the moment. Pls. send me an e-mail to info@ra-tm.de, I'll get back to you.

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Illegal: automatic renewal Parship Elitepartner

state: 1.9.2022, reading time approx. 3 min

Bild zum BeitragAugust 2022: still contracts of Parship or Elitepartner not effectively renew automatically. So: don’t pay! Even money paid since 2019-2022 can be returned. Here you can find out more about the legal situation and how to enforce your right with little effort and risk - with a lawyer with a contingency fee.